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Upcoming Events & Retreats

Join our events and dive into a realm where personal growth fuels professional success. 

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Step into the world of dynamic corporate and private events that transcend conventional boundaries. An array of engaging events meticulously designed for companies and professionals seeking a transformative journey towards excellence.

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Our Upcoming Events

We offer a range of corporate wellness programs to suit your needs. Our programs are designed to help you achieve mental and physical fitness through different micro and intensive practices, including positive intelligence, mindfulness, meditative practices, corporate yoga, and breath coaching. 

No events at the moment
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... brings a unique blend of corporate experience and holistic expertise. With a background in building well-being departments for multinational firms, orchestrating well-being retreats, and proficiency in MBSR, yoga, breath coaching, and positive intelligence, Aly embodies the synergy of corporate acumen and holistic wisdom.

Looking for something different?

Your unique needs and aspirations deserve a customized approach. Send a request for your specific event, speaking engagement, or workshop, and witness the transformation unfold. Simply click the button below to begin your personalized path.

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Sia, VFX Artist - Canada

"Having a clear mind has been helpful not only in my personal life, but it’s affecting my professional life, where I feel more confident, I accept challenges easily and I’m able to achieve better life-work balance. The techniques I’ve learned from Aly are tremendously useful and can be applied in so many aspects in my life."

I'm an awakenpedia partner, our upcoming events!

On April, 13th 2024 I will be facilitating "Healing through Yoga" at the first virtual retreat with 20+ other modalities.

Join me on Tuesday, March 26th at 6pm EST for a 1h workshop to access creativity through meditation and breathing techniques.
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