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Our unique holistic approach to corporate peak performance.

Synergy between science and century-old wisdom.

Align. Create. Grow. Transform.

Our methodology bridges corporate and personal needs.


Aly Auer

A Coach Who Connects Across Industries and Mindsets.

"With an extensive background in the corporate world, I intimately understand the needs, aspirations, and challenges that professionals and companies encounter.


As a veteran who's walked the corporate path, I comprehend the myriad KPIs and goals that drive success. My international experience, spanning industries from sales to banking and visual effects, uniquely equips me to tailor solutions for diverse professionals."

Unlocking Cross-Cultural Connections


As a polyglot, Aly bridges language gaps, building authentic connections with professionals globally. Her deep understanding of the professional mindset and her personal cross-cultural background along with her corporate well-being experience allows her to foster trust and rapport swiftly.


Whether in English, Spanish, German, or French, she communicates in the language that resonates with each individual, nurturing a profound sense of understanding.

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The elements of our approach












In a corporate landscape perpetually laden with complexity and stress, mindfulness emerges as a guiding light. Backed by robust scientific studies, this practice offers a remarkable 28% reduction in perceived stress and a 20% increase in emotional well-being among professionals (Harvard Business Review). Mindfulness provides an antidote to the barrage of stimuli, granting professionals the ability to focus with renewed vigor and make decisions with heightened clarity. The proven benefits, including a 25% improvement in creative problem-solving (Mindfulness journal), position mindfulness as a transformative tool that enhances cognitive agility, resilience, and adaptability.

Illuminating Clarity Amidst Chaos

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Beyond being a physical practice, yoga fosters emotional and mental fortitude essential for corporate professionals. Research affirms that regular yoga practice leads to a substantial 33% reduction in anxiety levels and a 26% increase in overall well-being (Yoga Journal). The seamless integration of physical postures, controlled breath, and mindful awareness engenders a state of centeredness amid chaos. Yoga enhances not only physical flexibility but also emotional adaptability, proving indispensable for professionals navigating change, thereby driving a notable 15% improvement in productivity (American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine).

The Embodied Path to Resilience

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Breath Coaching

Harnessing the breath is the cornerstone of vitality, both in the yogic tradition and modern scientific understanding. Breath coaching significantly reduces workplace burnout by 45%, while elevating energy levels by an impressive 29% (International Journal of Yoga). Deep, intentional breathing elicits a profound relaxation response, harmonizing the nervous system and enhancing emotional intelligence. The practice of breath control enables professionals to combat stress, boost immunity, and achieve optimal focus—a 37% improvement in attention span (Journal of Occupational Health Psychology).

Unleashing the Power of Vitality

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Amidst challenges, cultivating a positive mindset is indispensable. Positive intelligence interventions exhibit a 31% increase in overall job satisfaction and a remarkable 60% reduction in negative stress reactions (Journal of Happiness Studies). This methodology harnesses neuroplasticity to rewire the brain for positivity, enhancing problem-solving skills, creativity, and team collaboration—critical elements for professionals seeking enduring success. With a 39% boost in emotional intelligence (Positive Psychology), positive intelligence empowers professionals to lead with empathy and grace, fostering a cohesive and thriving corporate culture.

Shaping a Resilient Mindset

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Venture on a transformative journey guided by an experienced mentor who converses your language and deciphers your world

Armed with a history of pioneering corporate well-being departments for fintech giants, Aly navigates the intricate dance of individual and collective triumph - enriching her understanding of true vitality.


With a custom approach, she bridges the chasm between corporate demands and personal evolution, inviting you to harness the potency of mindfulness, yoga, breath coaching, and positive intelligence.

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