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We often turn to daily affirmations or manifestations in the hope of centering our thoughts and intentions. Sometimes, perhaps your intentions have even become true. But why do some of us fail and others achieve so successfully their goals and affirmations?

What if I told you that despite hoping and speculating, you can surely know and even expect your intentions to become your reality, by understanding and applying the recipe behind that. The effectiveness lies not just in the words but in the coherence between your brain and heart. 

After reading this short blog post, you will understand that the recipe consists of one main ingredient: the brain-heart coherence! I will describe the exact steps you need to do so you can to shift from a life of probability to a life of certainty. 

Why Affirmations Alone Fall Short 

In the quest for personal and professional betterment, many of us engage in daily affirmations or manifestations, but how many of them really become our reality?

There are some indicators why the outcomes are not as expected:

  • Do we hope for our intention to happen and see it as a possibility in the future or do we know that the outcome is likely to happen?

  • What are our emotions when we set this intention or repeat our affirmations? Do they truly align with our words? Perhaps, we may just say these words and hope for the magic to happen?

  • How do our actions align with our intentions? How about our thoughts? Do they match with our intentions and affirmations?

  • Do we see the realization of our intentions as an external outcome, and thus unconsciously give our power away?

The Brain-Heart Symphony

Dr. Joe Dispenza, a renowned neuroscientist, emphasizes a crucial missing link: brain-heart coherence. When our affirmations lack alignment between the brain and the heart, their transformative power diminishes.


It is important to know that the heart and the brain are not independent players; they're part of a symphony where coherence is the conductor. When we recite affirmations with a disjointed mind and heart, the impact is like playing a symphony with musicians out of sync – the melody gets lost in the disarray. And the outcome will be unlikely very enjoyable.

"Through practices of self-awareness, we synchronize our thoughts and emotions, creating a harmonious dance between the brain and the heart. This coherence amplifies the impact of affirmations, turning them from mere words into catalysts for transformation." - Aly Auer

The Step-By-Step Recipe to Coherence

Some of us have a natural  connection between the heart and the brain and are great at manifesting. However, everyone can achieve it with a little bit of practice.

Especially as we start, it is best to set a few minutes aside and do the affirmations in a calm space where we are not interrupted. 


First, set your intention or manifestation and direct your attention to your heart - engage with the feelings of gratitude and appreciation. 



In the second step, you need to engage with the intention as much as possible:

  • How does your body feel like and what kind of emotions do you have when the affirmation is already your reality? Feel it!

  • What do you say and hear when it is already there? What words do you use and what kind of expressions? Imagine saying and hearing it!

  • What do you see? How does the environment look like? Where are you? What kind of people are surrounding you? See and visualize it! 


In the third stage, we need to shift the belief from probability to certainty:

  • Do I hope this can be my future or do I know and expect the outcome? Expect it!

  • Do I doubt that I am worthy of the outcome & that it is only possible and accessible to others? Or do I understand that it is my right to have the life I desire and that I do not need to "deserve" it? Yes, it is your right!

  • Do I hope for something or someone to help & save me or am I truly aware that I have all the tools to achieve my goals? Believe that you have all the ressources!

This may feel weird in the beginning, which may be an indicator of inner resistance towards our own true value and the belief that we canNOT take full responsibility for ourselves. However, with a regular practice the brain will adapt to the right belief system naturally. Remember, every habit takes time - so be patient with yourself and give it 6-8 weeks to see the first results. 

As you reflect on the wisdom I shared with you today, ponder the idea of extending this exploration into a personalized experience.

Should you feel drawn to this invitation, explore the opportunity of a direct conversation with me so we can explore together how we can achieve the realisation of your affirmations.


It's not just a connection - it's an extension of the transformative path we've uncovered together. In the essence of the season, may this invitation be a guide toward a more balanced and resilient you. Your journey, much like the christmas season, is personal, meaningful, and filled with the promise of positive change.

 📨 You can simply send me a direct email or book a call directly below.


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