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Holistic Micro-Wellbeing Solutions for Businesses & Professionals

Operational Efficiency

Optimizing performance & wellbeing of professionals and teams.


Boosting system to naturally enhance alertness, regulate emotions, prevent sickness & reduce absenteism.


Scientific, holistic & thorough methodology to maximize mental sharpness for productivity.


Becoming anti-fragile to thrive & grow during volatile & unpredictable times while improving from exposed stressors and shocks.


"With a thorough background in finance & economics, I spent my entire multinational career juggling with strategies and numbers, making sure that my teams reached and exceeded KPIs using MBOs, OKRs and all sorts of innovative tangible metrics. 

Not only did I strongly abide by these metrics to reach and surpass the department objectives, but I constantly sought to find synergies between organizational and individual goals with a focus on educating professionals to understand the right approach when it comes to their physical and mental resources towards achieving the vision & mission of the company while making sure it reflects & resonates with their own purpose, values, and aspiration!"

Aly Auer
BBA, MEc, Certified MBSR Facilitator, Breath Coach, RYT 500h Yoga Instructor

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Choosing to act preemptively and seamlessly integrating health-oriented preventive measures can yield significant savings in both, financial resources and time.


These saved resources can be strategically redirected towards fostering expansion, nurturing ingenuity, cultivating innovation, and fostering enduring levels of productivity that are not only effective but also environmentally viable and robustly sustainable.


For companies and professionals seeking a corporate performance and wellbeing coach, understanding the prudence of proactive measures can indeed be the key to unlocking substantial gains in multifaceted dimensions of enterprise.

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Micro-Wellbeing solutions

Explore Aly Auer's corporate coaching with intensive and micro-wellbeing solutions which are uniquely crafted to meet the needs of the corporate world - all requiring a minimum commitment, while achieving maximum results.

group and

team programs

personalized 1:1 coaching

Mental Fitness

These mental fitness programs aim to sustain and optimize cognitive resilience. Tailored to diverse schedules and requirements, our packages encompass an array of sizes. This offering blends pragmatic, user-friendly techniques with synergistic educational components. Ideal for enterprises or professionals seeking heightened emotional intelligence, amplified creativity, adept stress navigation, and sharpened mental acuity.


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Extraordinary achievements by nurturing engaged, connected professionals.

Exemplary outcomes manifest exclusively through adeptly trained staff exhibiting peak involvement and a sense of belonging. This synergy becomes paramount, particularly amidst the testing macroeconomic landscape we've traversed.

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Sia, VFX Artist - Canada

"Having a clear mind has been helpful not only in my personal life, but it’s affecting my professional life, where I feel more confident, I accept challenges easily and I’m able to achieve better life-work balance. The techniques I’ve learned from Aly are tremendously useful and can be applied in so many aspects in my life."
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